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Let’s Talk About Dental Insurance Series: Volume I

September 9, 2019
Posted By: Katie Schutte

Let’s Talk About Dental Insurance Series:  Volume I

Where do insurance policies come from?

By Katie Schutte

We all know that insurance policies can be tricky to navigate and are always written in hard to understand legal jargon.  Dental insurance policies, in particular, can be extremely hard to comprehend and decipher. At Southwest Nebraska Dental Center, we pride ourselves in helping our patients understand their dental policies.  We will be publishing a blog post weekly that will be looking into each aspect of dental insurance breaking it down into easy to understand pieces. We hope to help you understand your policy in order to assist you in making the best decisions. Here is the first segment of our dental insurance blog mini-series.  

Let’s start with, where do insurance policies come from?  

For those that have dental insurance through an employer, the employer typically picks the plan for you.  The employer starts choosing a plan by informing an insurance broker how much they have budgeted to pay per policy.  The insurance broker then finds a policy that fits the budget given to them. So, who do you talk to if you have questions or are unhappy with your plan? It is the HR representative for your employer, sometimes you will be able to opt for a different plan.  We also can do our best at helping you look into your particular plan. All you would need to do is provide us with a copy of your insurance card and, for some companies, we will also need your social security number. The reasoning for providing your social security number is that, typically, it is your member ID for your insurance plan.  By having your member ID or SSN, it allows us to get your plan information. 

For those that don’t have insurance through an employer, your insurance broker more than likely picked the plan based on the patient’s budget or needs.  For those that are unhappy with what the insurance isn’t paying, we suggest calling the broker to see if they can make adjustments to the policy. Often times, brokers look solely at the cost and do not look at or understand what the plan covers, doesn’t cover, or clauses that may be part of the policy.

We are happy to help educate our patients so they have the ability to understand their insurance better and so that there are no surprises with coverage.  Stay tuned for another volume of “Let’s talk about Dental Insurance”.

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