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Let’s Talk About Dental Insurance: Volume II

Let’s Talk About Dental Insurance Series Volume II:

Let’s talk benefit maximum versus deductible and calendar year versus benefit year

By Katie Schutte

Welcome to volume II of our mini blog series about all things dental insurance! Last week we talked about where insurance policies come from and who you need to talk to if you are unhappy with your policy. This week we are focusing on some dental insurance lingo and breaking down common terms so you can understand your ...

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Let’s Talk About Dental Insurance Series: Volume I

Let’s Talk About Dental Insurance Series:  Volume I

Where do insurance policies come from?

By Katie Schutte

We all know that insurance policies can be tricky to navigate and are always written in hard to understand legal jargon.  Dental insurance policies, in particular, can be extremely hard to comprehend and decipher. At Southwest Nebraska Dental Center, we pride ourselves in helping our patients understand their dental policies.  We will be publishing a blog post weekly that will be looking into each aspect of dental insurance breaking it down into easy to understand pieces. We hope to help you understand your ...

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Let’s Talk About the ABC’s of Healthy Smiles

A- Always brush & floss twice a day.  Lead by example and make oral care a family affair. Use toothpaste with fluoride! Using fluoride is one of the greatest ways you can protect your child’s teeth from decay. Start brushing as soon as your child’s first tooth erupts. Starting at an early age helps create healthy brushing habits. Don’t forget about flossing between teeth as soon as they’re touching. Otherwise, you’ll miss 40% of tooth surfaces. If you’d like a tutorial on how to help your child floss, we’re always happy to demonstrate. Make sure your twice daily brushing sessions last for two minutes. Follow us on ...

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Let’s Talk About Dental Specialties

When you think of dentists, more than likely you think of the general, or “family dentist”, who provides a comprehensive dental care and the majority of dentists, are general dentists.  They provide a wide range of services, from teeth cleanings and fillings to root canals and implants.  However, dentists can become specialists in certain fields.  It’s important to be aware that are only ten recognized dental specialties by the America Dental Association. So let’s break down what these other kinds of dentists are, and what they do.

Dental Public Health: These dental specialists serve the whole community as a patient rather than an individual.  These specialists ...

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Let’s Talk About Dentists Doing Good

The best thing about being a dentist is helping people. Having a healthy smile is so much more than having perfectly straight and white teeth. Dental health impacts overall health and also impacts mental health and self-esteem. For most people who live in Southwest Nebraska and the rest of the United States, dental care is available and accessible. That is not the case, however, in many parts of the world. Luckily there are organizations and volunteers who work hard to make dental care available to those who wouldn’t otherwise have access. Thousands of dentists volunteer their time and services and we thought it would be fun to highlight some of ...

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Let's Talk Xrays

Let’s Talk Xrays With Dr. Kaitlin Haag 

I thought it would be a good time to talk about X-rays! Someof the most frequent questions I get asked in the office are about X-rays. Do I/my kids really need them? Is it safe? So I thought I’d share some of the basics when it comes to dental radiography and some of my favorite resources.This is a hot topic! Literally! When people are talking about radiation and dosages, they are referring to micro-Sieverts or Sv. Four bitewing X-rays are 5 Sv. To put this in perspective, I’ll share a few other interesting facts. The average person receives a dose of 10 Sv on ...

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Let's Talk Staying Healthy

Let’s Talk Staying Healthy with Dr. Kaitlin Haag 

Did you know that saliva is one of your body’s defenses against viruses and bacteria? Keeping your mouth healthy helps keep your whole body healthy. Brushing, flossing, staying hydrated, and visiting the best dentist in Nebraska twice a year helps your saliva do its germ fighting job! In addition to keeping your mouth healthy, here are some little things with big impact to keep the bugs at bay. 

Good hygiene habits like washing your hands often can help stop germs from spreading. If soap and water aren’t available, use an alcohol based hand sanitizer. Washing your hands regularly reduces the chance of ...

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