Nursing Home Dentistry

When our loved ones are in a nursing home because of age or ill health, it can be disruptive and a challenge to make sure they get the dental care they need to stay healthy. This can often result in neglect and ultimately, poor oral health.

At SW Dental Center, we value our elderly and ill patients and have a deep sense of compassion for them. We understand how difficult it can be for them to receive even the most basic dental care. We also know that good oral health is essential to being able to eat a healthy diet and maintain proper nutrition. That is why we offer nursing home dentistry for these particularly vulnerable members of our community.

Mobile Nursing Home Dentistry

Having someone monitor the health of your loved one in a nursing home can provide peace-of-mind. That way, you can be alerted if any dental conditions exist and help them get their necessary dental treatment.

We provide compassionate and gentle routine dental exams to nursing home patients. We have a mobile dental unit that allows us to bring instruments and suction on-site to immobile patients. At their yearly dental exam, you can expect a full oral exam and oral cancer screening. 

We will examine their gum tissue, teeth, and place fluoride to help prevent decay. Nursing home patients are particularly prone to decay because they often suffer from reduced mobility, making it difficult to brush and floss properly. Fluoride strengthens enamel and protects against the acid caused by bacteria.

Denture Examination and Cleaning

Having dentures that fit and function properly is essential for patients to maintain a healthy diet. The fit of dentures can change over time due to weight changes and bone loss. One of our caring hygienists will travel to the care facility and provide residents with a cleaning as well as will examine their dentures to make sure that they fit properly, are not causing denture sores, and are free from damage. Dentures that have scratches or cracks can collect bacteria and cause gum disease.

We will also thoroughly clean our patients’ dentures during their exam. Studies have shown patients in long term care facilities have a lower rate of pneumonia occurrence due when they get their teeth cleaned regularly, due to inhaling less oral debris.

Referrals for Treatment

If we discover a dental condition, we will refer the patient to a dentist of their choice for care. By doing the exam on-location, we help our patients avoid a challenging trip out of the nursing home that depends on ride arrangements and could expose your loved one to risk due to travel or exposure in inclement weather.

This unique service is a result of our commitment to the health of all members of our community. We look forward to providing your loved one with convenient, in-home care that helps them stay on track with good oral health.

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